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The principle of action of Viagra

Today, Viagra Overnight Delivery is considered the most popular means for men to regain potency and eliminate erectile dysfunction. Although the instructions attached to the preparation contain instructions on how to safely take the pills, it is not clear to everyone how Viagra works.

To begin with, it should be clarified that Viagra is a drug that has a therapeutic effect on erectile dysfunction. What can not be argued in relation to other drugs, widely advertised today, because they eliminate erectile dysfunction for some time, their action is symptomatic. To deal with the effect of the drug, you need a minimum understanding of the process of erection.

How does an erection - Viagra Overnight Delivery

The beginning of the erectile process is the state of sexual arousal. Thanks to him, the blood vessels in the pelvis, expand and provide a surge of increased blood to the penis area, it increases in size and hardens. So erection occurs. When sexual intercourse ends with the release of sperm, sexual tension subsides, accompanied by a decrease in blood flow in the penis, and the erection disappears.

Under the influence of adverse factors: chronic pathological conditions or long-term therapy with antihypertensive drugs, blood flow is impaired in all organs (the penis is not an exception). This causes a lack of proper blood flow to the penis at the time of sexual arousal. As a result, an erection is insufficient or completely absent. If such situations have been observed in a man repeatedly and for a long time, then experts call this condition erectile dysfunction. What is the effect of the drug Viagra Overnight Delivery.

Today, there are many drugs that work to increase potency, but none work the way Viagra works. The fact is that the latter directs its action to eliminate the immediate cause of impotence, that is, to combat the man’s inability to have a normal erection sufficient to accomplish the sexual act.     

Caution! Viagra drug, according to the instructions, can be taken only once a day.

Viagra corrects disorders arising in the blood supply, restoring the activity of the vessels involved in the erectile process. Practice shows that the tool has helped many men suffering from erectile dysfunction, to achieve a normal erection, lasting a long time. The only condition for the effectiveness of the drug is the presence of sexual arousal.

Many men confirm that the remedy really helps to achieve the erection necessary for full sexual intercourse. Viagra has a selective effect, which is directed to the expansion of the vessels of the penis. In addition to increasing the potency, the remedy provides an improvement in sexual contact, that is, it makes it longer, shortens the recovery intervals between acts and increases the quality of the orgasm, making it brighter and more emotionally richer.

The effect of the drug occurs within half an hour or an hour, although in the course of the research individual cases were detected, when the action of the agent began within a quarter of an hour, depends on the individuality of the man (build, sensitivity to the drug, full stomach, Viagra Overnight Delivery, etc.). The effect of increased erection lasts about 4 hours, although it depends on the organic characteristics of the man. The initial dose of the drug should be half a pill (50 mg), before Viagra is supposed to take Viagra in about an hour.     

Attention! The drug begins to act only if there is adequate sexual arousal. If it is absent, then an erection may not occur even after Viagra.

Active ingredients

You can not prescribe Viagra Overnight Delivery yourself, because it can be dangerous. Just the active ingredient of the drug is sildenafil. This component has the feature to instantly react with many drugs. Leading among them are medicines used in the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies and containing nitrates. If you take them together with Viagra, then there may be all sorts of complications.

But in general, the drug has a very positive effect on the male body, which has been proven in clinical studies. Most of the men who participated in the test (≈80%) as a result of taking Viagra developed a persistent and prolonged erection, and after the act they experienced a feeling of profound satisfaction. Approximately 15% of subjects said they had no efficacy from taking the drug, and the remaining minority (5%) considered that the effects of Viagra could be hazardous to health. Viagra Overnight Delivery. Possible side effects

In the course of the research, some negative reactions to Viagra were detected. Although cases of their occurrence were observed in a very small number of subjects (2%). More adverse reactions were absent in men.