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Beach2volley is an organisation with a passion for beach sports, travel and nature. We focus on organising beach camps for beachvolley enthusiasts in the most incredible places on earth. We do it for all levels, from beginner to professionals. We have a great young team of motivated and professional beachvolley trainers who love to teach and play beachvolleybal. We focus on all facets of the game: tactics, technique but also focus on fitness and injury prevention.

Every year we are always looking for new and authentic locations worldwide where we can host our beachvolley holidays. We pick a beautiful & suitable beach and work together with local partners to give you the most value. After a full day of playing we love to show you the beautiful spots in the area and connect with local people and history. Your holiday will be full of sport & entertainment while we enjoy the beautiful surroundings. If you are looking for a fun holiday with lots of high quality training, international people and you like to discover new places, join us at one of our next trips.

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Beach2volley is an organisation with a passion for beachsports and nature. While the sport is always number one, we also have an eye for the local scenery & history. Besides our intense trainingsessions we also love to explore the and enjoy the environment; local food, beaches nearby or different spots & sports in the area. We focus on beachvolley groups from all levels, from beginners to semi-professionals. We organise our trips in cooperation with local partners. This way we can give you the best quality for an affordable price. This year we have found in the Algarve the perfect mix of sport, nature and history. We hope to greet you on our beachvolley camp in beautiful Algarve!


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